Fin's healing watersFin’s Healing Waters

Staying up beat was a little more difficult today as we both try to adjust. For me it was hard to look into Finnigan’s eyes that seemed to be saying ‘Why ? and what is happening’. And for Fin … his appetite was not too good again, he did eat some raw malard and hare though, but primarily it is the sharp unexpected pains that are the most unsettling.

He appeared to find some peace though, as he laid in the garden, taking in the afternoon sun while we dug potatoes. And this evening under the crisp, starry sky which we have so often laid together under, he wagged his tail.

Some have inquired where we live. Our home is in the rolling hills of the Alberta parkland along side a small creek we call Polem Creek, just west of Delburne. The creek continues to flow and rise and so too will we follow its lead.

Cyn and Fin

3 thoughts on “Adjusting?”

  1. It sounds beautiful where you are, Fin is lucky to have a great place and great people to help him through this. I hope he regains his appetite soon and that things improve for him. I know how hard it is to look into their eyes and not be able to answer the questions.

    Bear in mind that the sun always rises tomorrow, and hopefully it will bring with it a better day for all of the tripawds.

  2. What a beauty he is…..I look at those eyes and I can see deep in his soul. Thank you for sharing Fin’s story!

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