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Hi all,

Thank you so much for your responses! And the Lord thanks you as well as he can feel it where as I have to read it.

Fin is feeling better today! Last night as a last attempt to see if he was interested in eating I offered him his #1 favorite treat – bone marrow and he ate it. This morning he enjoyed a raw malard breast and he had the last of his antibiotics which may have been upsetting his appetite as well.

We walked down to the creek this morning in the beautiful mist, as he seems to only want to drink from the creek. The creek is rising with the recent precipitation and we have been seeing the beaver again. Fin was nervous heading down there and needed to have a small lay down once we arrived and then another in the barn on a wool saddle blanket while I fed the chickens. He had much more energy the first couple of days after the surgery than has had over the past 3 days, I am beginning to think that he moved around too much the first few days and then became stiff and tired over the next few days.

I am just glad that he is resting peacefully now. I experienced another first yesterday when I had to find out wether or not he had a fever. Yes – thermometer in to rectum – but being the ever so co-operative dog that he is, all went well and he did not have a fever.

Fin has just experienced another level of comfort – we removed the bandage! (staples are still in for another week or so) Oh – was he happy to have me give him a good scratch! His incision looks very good, no swelling, no redness. It is certainly large though and shaped like an upside down T. I am getting used to his new look, it has really helped to have all of the images on Jerry’s Tripawd site to look at . Lord Finnigan day 1Lord Finnigan day 1

Morning 5Finnigan beside the creek

thank you all again,

Cyn and Fin

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  1. Fin is Adorable! I love that pyrenees cross expression that I see in his eyes: happy, smart and loving. (I happen to have a pyrenees x collie cross so might be biased.) It looks like you live in doggy heaven.

    He is doing fantastic if you are already going for walks like the ones you describe. I probably missed it – is Fin a young lad?

  2. Hello Cyn & Fin,
    We are happy to see that Fin is doing better. He sure is a handsome dog! How are you holding up? Of course I too am a Mom to a tripawd, today is our 2nd day post surgery and Bandit isn’t feeling like doing much today although this morning he was more active. I noticed in your blog you had stated that he don’t have any swelling and that makes me wonder if Bandit’s swelling is not a good sign. He doesn’t have a lot but there is some swelling…I better call my Vet. Anywho we just wanted to stop in and let you know that we’re thinking of you! Fin is so big that it makes me feel better to know that there are other big dogs out there who also can go on to live a happy 3 legged life…you see our Vets didn’t want to amputate Bandit’s leg because they said he was to big but if we had not done it the out come forsure would have been grim. Well you and Fin take care and we’ll continue to think of you both!

  3. What a beautiful boy! I am so glad to hear Fin is doing well. Sounds like a typical recovery to me–a few steps forward, one step back. The overall trend should be pawsitive though! Where do you live? It does indeed sound like a place every dog would want to live! Me too!

    Martha (Codie Rae’s mom)

  4. We will be sending light and healing to you as well. Thank you for sharing with us.
    I could not see Fin’s incision for the first 6 days as the bandage was covering it so it
    may have been swollen the first couple of days as well. It likely was as there are fluids
    that build up that used to supply the leg and now need to be reabsorbed by the body.

    All the best to you and Bandit.

  5. What a cutie!!!! And he looks so happy in that pic beside the creek. He’s such a lucky dog to have all these nature adventures – Jack says he’s jealous 🙂

    <3 Laura and Jack

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