Yeah – for Jo’s roast!

So, I called the vet, after taking Finnigan’s temperature with our now, new digital thermometer. His temp was normal but I was concerned about his shivering and lack of appetite. The vet recommended to stop the Rimadyl, it can sometimes cause lack of appetite and listlessness and to try some brown rice. Of course I put the brown rice on right away, with a sprinkle of salt and a few cubes of hare. Cooked and cooled I debated with myself as to which type of vessel to serve it to him in and went for the ceramic soup bowl (not the best choice after all).

With cheer and optimism I offered up the loving prepared meal and up went his nose. Hmmmm, as a last choice and on a whim, I pulled out a piece of roast from my sister’s, Jo’s, slow cooker meal. She had given it to us as dog offerings. I crouched down and held it out to him, his nose twitched and he took it! So up I was and over to the cooker to get more, I again offered another piece and again he found it to his liking. So I tried with yet another piece but this time however the nose went up along with him and he moved to a new spot. I took a deep breath, picked up the bowl of rice and dressed it with more of the roast and once again offered it to the Lord. He agreed this time! Sensing we were onto a good thing, I continued to offer more roast and he continued to take it and seemed to enjoy it. With the roast being gone, I switched over to the rice and he readily stared to lick it up, as best he could from a slippery, ceramic dish. By the end of it there was brown rice everywhere and Fin had a full belly!

My sister said, “Oh, he enjoyed my salty roast.’ Which made me wonder – did he need salt? Is that why the roast offering was accepted over the raw meat? Does anyone out there know wether dogs need a certain amount of salt in their diet?

Tomorrow we may go see the vet for a check up, we will see how Finnigan is feeling in the morning. no more bandage

Cyn and Fin

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  1. Hi Fin and Cyn

    When some of our dogs went on a feeding strike (usually during chemo), some of them seemed to take food from their servant’s hand rather than from the bowl. Not sure if that played a role. And they like different things at different times. Mine would take straight up game meat (it was cooked) when he refused to eat, but accepted no rice, canned food, or anything else.
    I can’t find the story of Why Finn is 3-legged on your blog. Is it due to cancer?

    I see you live in Alberta, although I don’t know the town names you mentioned. I lived in southern Alberta, down near the border, until recently and still live & work there for most of the summer. My Tazzie was treated in Calgary when OSA was diagnosed this summer. Did you go to Calgary or Edmonton for the surgery? We are in Winnipeg now.

    Susan & Tazzie 2

  2. Cyn and Fin –

    After your post on Shilo’s blog I had to come check Fin out. What a beautiful boy. I imagine you read some of my other blogs and when Shilo had her amp she went through a major food strike. 5 days and minimal food the vets took her off her pain meds. I think she was still having pain, but on the upside she started to eat and drink. The pain for her was more bareable then the meds. They believed the Rimadyl was the cause for the annoxeria. I would say she didn’t start regaining her full appitite until after her 1st chemo treatment. Right before this last chemo she was back eating like a pig. 🙂 Now from what I have seen we are going back to the food strike again.

    You might try the cottage cheese, it is really good for them. I have yet to meet a dog who doesn’t like it(I am sure there is one of you out there). My friends dog (who by the way looks a lot like Fin) love only meet. She came over when I was feeding Sh cottage cheese and proceded to tell me how Nuk (her baby) won’t eat anything but live, raw, or cooked meats only. So I went a got a plate for Nuk and she was shocked when he woofed it down. hehehe..

    Anyway just wanted to say what a good looking boy and give him lots of loves. Amazing how we somehow become the servants, I thought it was suppose to be the other way around. 🙂

  3. Mmmmmm… That roast sounds yummy!!! I think I’m gonna ask my mom to make me some!

    Looks like you’re doing well Finnigan… Keep it up!!!

    Jake (and Jake’s mom)

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