Just over 6 weeks

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Just over 6 weeks since the surgery. I remember day 3 and feeling how slow time seemed to be passing as I waited for improvement. Now that Fin is healed though, and has no problem being a tripawd, I can not believe it has already been 6 weeks.

Lord Finnigan is now back to all of his past shinanigans. Playing with sticks, traveling the frozen creek, keeping the horses in tune, rough housing his cats and charging at William (red lab friend). Tonight we witnessed the last one to come back – the coyotes were yelping from the creek, this Fin found irresistible. So off he went racing down to the creek. He came back when called but I kept him tethered for the rest of the evening. I do not like to do this but he has enough running about every day without adding coyote chasing to it.

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Fin now loves to eat! Before all of this he was rarely ever really interested in his food, I now realize why.

My sister sent me to purchase cat food for her cats the other day, due to all the research I have been doing on a healthy pet diet, I scanned every brand of cat food in the store and how abysmal. Even some of the high end dog foods in the veterinary clinic have corn as the first ingredient.

It feels so much better to be feeding Fin food that we would eat and to know what it is that he is eating. I still have a few questions regarding vitamins and minerals – quantities and types? Following is what I am presently feeding, and what I found out today, after spending much of the day researching on line.

Present diet:

1/4 cup of Kirkland lamb and rice (moistened with chicken stock or filtered water) – I am keeping with this until I know quantities for the vits and minerals, not that this food likely has any viable vits and mineral left after it’s high heat processing.

50% Meat – various types – usually cooked rare, some raw (I am debating wether to go  all raw, todays reseach reminded me that essential enzymes are lost when the meat is cooked)

40% Cooked brown rice – again today I learned that I can alternate this with other grains – oats in particular

10% Cooked/shredded vegetables from the garden with garlic (no onions)

3 – 1000mg wild salmon oil/day

1 tbsp flax oil/day

k-9 Immunity capsules/day

1 Transfer Factor/day

Following is what I plan on adding after todays research, any comments or suggestions are most welcome.

Vit E (400 IU max)/day

raw calf liver (10 oz/week) – this provides vit B’s, A,D

Ester C 1000-1500 mg/day

Egg shell 3/4 tsp/day (organic, crushed) – for calcium

Colloidal mineral ?

Digestive enzymes ?

Amino acids – Argnine and glutamine ?

We send out love and light to all of you wonder filled tripawds and tripawd keepers. Thanks again for sharing.

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3 thoughts on “Just over 6 weeks”

  1. It is amazing how time goes by when every thing is going well. Let’s keep up the happy times and slow down the days so we can enjoy our tripawds!!!
    Sounds like Fin knows how to live it up!!

  2. Three Legged Shinanigans! Yay! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing Fin’s diet info. We cook Wyatt’s food and only give him vit. c and eggshell twice a week. But his is not a cancer diet.

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