Digging, Watching and Playing

feeling good!

21 days post op

Lord Finnigan is so full of life, almost more so than prior to the operation but of course my perception may be a little askew due to the extreme emotional climate of the past month. It feels so good to see him easily and happily being a dog everyday.

I would like to say to anyone reading this who is contemplating whether to go ahead with the surgery or anyone who is still in the first few days after the surgery, that it does get better! It was not until about day 7 post op, after I stopped giving Fin the Rimadyl, that I stated to feel alright with the decision we had made. And now, well, every day is a joy.

I watch in wonder at how dogs are able to adapt so quickly. I find it particularly admirable at how the other dogs act around Finnigan; four legs or three legs, it makes absolutely no difference to them. Can we ever be so honestly and openly accepting?

Today I found a great gift for Fin. As Fin’s fur is not growing back too quickly I was concerned about his chill factor once we start getting winter temperatures. Last weekend I purchase a used NorthFace polar fleece vest for him, brought it home and realized that the alignment of limbs and head on a human body is actually significantly different than that of a dog. The zipper, which I could only get half way up, ended up on his side and one open arm hole on his back with an awkward head looking up at me and eyes that seemed to say, ‘I don’t think so.’ Today, however, I found an item much more suited to his Lordship. A noble looking black wrap/blanket with white piping, a bit like a tux actually. I believe this item entered into the dog world via the minerature pony world, it is basically a horse blanket marketed in dog sizes.  This is ideal though for dogs that don’t need two legs holes in the front.

It looks great on him and he seems to feel comfortable and proud in it.

We received out first batch of K9 Immunity capsules and K9 Transfer Factor in the mail yesterday.  Fin has not taken any yet as I was hoping to hear from a few of you out there that have used the product. It was recommended by a friend who felt it was an excellent supplement to her dogs diet after his amputation due to cancer.

Has any one used it just long enough to really boost the immune system into high gear and then allow a high quality diet to continue to work with work of keeping the dogs immune system functioning well.

It is a beautiful day and Fin and I are going out to enjoy the sun!


Cyn and Fin

10 thoughts on “Digging, Watching and Playing”

  1. Wow Fin!

    Are you sure you are not part lion?! I am sure you have the heart of a lion at least! I am so happy to hear you are doing so well and enjoying each day to the fullest with your mom.

    There are fleeces made just for dogs! Wyatt has one and he looks really cute in it. Sounds like your mom has found a great alternative though, ‘specially since you look you are the size of a miniature pony!

    Stay warm and keep having fun!

    Codie Rae

  2. Thanks so much for that little bit of hope that it does improve. Mercy did so well the first day and now these last 2 days have been making me regret the decision. Knowing that it gets better is something I have to look forward to. Thanks!

  3. So glad to hear Lord Fin is doing so well.. He looks GREAT too.. Keep up the pictures, I love em’… Take care Fin

    Shilo & Mom

  4. Lord Fin really looks like a lion. He is very handsome!! Every day gets easier. We just celebrated 10 weeks and it gets better and better! We would love to see pictures of Fin’s new tux/coat! Sounds wonderful.

  5. Thanks for the thoughts ! We will get more pics on soon. Presently Fin is relaxing in the warm, chinook sunshine while watching his horses. He can walk
    on the now frozen creek no problem!

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