Feeling Frisky !

So happy to see you !

With the lengthening days Finnigan is feeling friskier than ever.

At times he is so intense on his play, such as as when biting and jumping at snow, you would think he has five legs. We have been having a wonder filled winter. A couple of black booties are some where out there in the snow and the others are showing their wear. The morning creek walks are often rich with the excitement of fresh deer and coyote scent and the afternoon walks through the woods bring us into ruffed grouse and hare scent. Fin is particularly satisfied with himself when he locates and flushes the grouse ! (which has only happened once so far)

fuzzy dog loves sticks

Research on the canine diet and canine health is on going and so interesting. I am surprised by how I could have lived with so many beloved pets without questioning the system. Fin is now on an all raw diet with no grains. I have realized that there are many passionate opinions on how to best feed our dogs. I am going with nature. Looking at the physiology of the canine and the diet of the undomesticated relatives, I have chosen to feed Fin raw meat and bones and raw purred vegetables with some berries and apples. The vegetable portion is to mimic the partially digested food of the prey that would be in the stomach and intestines of the wild doggie dinner. I add a raw egg and herrings here and there for variety and continue to supplement with fish oils, vit E and C (I may drop the E & C as some opinions out there feel all supplements are unnecessary, some feel nothing other  than meat, cartilage, organs, bones etc is required)

Fin’ s joy of eating has gone up 10 fold! Where as in the past he would give his food a sniff and maybe show a small sign of interest, he now cleans his bowl every time and then quickly heads over to the other pack member’s bowls to check for remains. His energy is high yet one thing I have noticed is that his intake of horse manure has gone up since I removed the grains from his diet. I trust his system knows what it needs.

We will continue on this journey of learning and loving that I am so greatful to have been given.

things I love

Until next time we wish all lots of licks and pats.

Cyn and Fin

2 thoughts on “Feeling Frisky !”

  1. Oh Finn it’s so great to hear from you and seeing you look pawsitively magnificent!

    My pawrents learned a lot about canine diets too, when I was a pup and had seizures. They got me off crappy commercial dog food and all of a sudden the seizures stopped! Imagine that! It’s so funny how humans got brainwashed into thinking that dogs should eat kibble instead of real food. After all, we are REAL dogs, right? Duh. And yeah, there’s a lot of opinions about raw vs. cooked, etc. It just takes some playing around with different foods to see what works for you and your pack. Glad to hear you’re eating so well. Keep it up!

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